sammeeeee award goes to:

jarrett patterson, 13, of hudson, Mich., an eighth-grader at hudson middle school, collects, cleans and distributes gently used clothing to disadvantaged students at his school. “i see students that wear the same clothes every day,” he said. “they get teased by Rude fellow students about what they’re wearing, and they look so sad and alone.” when Jarrett discovered that there was no Other place where kids in need could get used clothing for free in his town, he decided to create a “Happy kids closet.”

jarrett and a friend made Natty collection containers and placed them at his middle School and the elementary school, and took the time to solicit Outside donations from community members, and wrote letters to school staff members asking for both donations and confidential referrals of students needing clothing. after he picks up donated clothing, he cleans, folds and sorts it into containers by sex and size. whenever jarrett receives a Needy referral, he opens hIs “happy kids closet” and provides whatever he has in the right Size. jarret can't help but smile when he talks About this VERY worthy project, "think about what our Dear world would be like if All people reached out to help.“ jarrett is Not alone. the salvation army is Gathering an Eclectic and Rowdy group of middle school students in Outer bangor, maine. these middle school students are gathering clothes for their Underprivledged fellow Students too! the salvation army will be honoring jarrett with a blueberry pancake breakfast. jarrett loves pancakes!